Fantastic Freebie for 7/30/13

I have something AWESOME for you today!!

Ok, so first off…let me apologize because well, honestly, it’s almost tomorrow. I’m a little late! It’s been a long day of school work, extra kid pickup, babysitting, park trip, fixing dinner, sports physical for Luigi, baths for everyone….and so on. Anyways, I’m finally getting around to the Freebie of the Dayyyyyyyy! (sung in an awesome opera voice…be glad you’re not here)

Cassie over at 3dinosaurs is the QUEEN of printables. Seriously. Today I’m setting you up with her link to ALL of her Dolch sight word lists ALONG with ALL the worksheets that go with each list! Awesome. I told you!

Something of this scale took a LOT of time to make. Please be kind and show Cassie some appreciation for all of her hard work!!


Shape Counting and Coloring Worksheet

I’ve added a new FREE worksheet over at my TPT store. Check it out & let me know what you think. It is very basic and works with recognizing, counting and coloring shapes. If you happen to download it, please leave me some feedback at my store! Thanks 🙂

Oven Roasted Chicken

So yesterday for dinner I did everyone’s favorite at our house. Behold, Oven Roasted Chicken….


Melt 1/2 stick butter in a roasting pan. Add a cup to cup and a half of chicken stock. I also add in some red wine to the bottom of the pan. This is totally optional. Cut up carrots, quarter an onion, throw in some lemon slices and add a few sprigs of thyme to the pan.

Now…for the chicken…

You can use as much or as little chicken as you need…I have a house full of boys, so I make extras!

If you use a whole chicken:

Wash chicken and pat dry. (this goes for ANY meat you buy!) On the inside of the chicken, salt and pepper the inside. Cut a lemon into quarters and put 2 (or more if you use a bigger chicken) parts inside. Add a few sprigs of fresh thyme and some peeled garlic cloves. Truss the chicken and stick the wings underneath its body. Cover with some melted butter, salt, pepper and I also add some McCormick Montreal Chicken spice mix to it. I do the same butter and spices to the leg quarters.

Set the chicken pieces on top of the vegetables, and bake on 425 for an hour and half or until juices run clear. If it is getting too brown before it’s done, cover with foil.

And you end up with…


You have NEVER tasted such yummy carrots or onions…side this up with some home potatoes and green beans…mmmmmMMM! You can’t beat it! This is seriously about the boys’ most favorite thing for me to fix.

This recipe is adapted from Ina Garten’s Perfect Roasted Chicken recipe over on Food Network.

Hiddenite Gem Mine

SAMSUNG Last Friday our local (most excellent) library offered a trip to Hiddenite Gem Mines as part of their “Dig Into Reading” Summer Reading Program!

Boy was it fun!! This is a great local place that you can go digging for gemstones. They have different things you can do including sluicing, creeking and actual shovel and pick mining! Super cool! So if you’re ever in Hiddenite, NC it is most definitely worth your time to check it out. You can check out pricing info on their website located here: They are open 8:30 am until sunset every day except major holidays.

100_0582While waiting on the presentation to always…my sweet little Toad cheesing for the camera.

100_0583 100_0584And also like normal…we always seem to find some creepy crawlies! 🙂

100_0586 100_0587 Now for the FUN! Digging gems (and for Toad…time to socialize) out of the creek beds.


As you can see, my boys were VERY excited with their finds!

We are BIG promoters of reading in our home. If your child can read, they can learn ANYTHING. Our town is so very blessed with a great library and a WONDERFUL children’s librarian. This trip was 100% paid for by the Alexander County Friends of the Library. They would not be able to do these things for our children if not for contributions from local patrons…please support your local libraries!!

New addition!

I’ve added a new place on the blog for links to other homeschooling FREEBIES!

Look to the TOP OF THE PAGE and it will be under the category: FREEBIE OF THE DAY! Original right? Well, we like things simple around here!

Each day I will highlight a fellow blogger with a free printable up for grabs. All I ask is that if it is something you are interested in, please leave them some positive feeback on it! We all like to know we’ve done something well right?!

Today’s featured freebie comes to us from….drumroll… Stacie over at!

Swing by her website & download her awesome free download of calendar printable pages. Make sure you leave her some nice comments if you decide you want to download her pack!