Getting Started

So you’ve decided that you want to homeschool. Congrats! That’s the first step! Understanding your state’s requirements for homeschooling should be the next thing you look at when determining if homeschooling is right for you. I live in North Carolina and will be posting the link to my state. If you need help finding the information for your state, please contact me and I will do all I can to help you! Homeschooling should be a fun adventure for all, however, you need to make sure you are in compliance with your state’s rules and regulations!

In NC you are supposed to test annually to make sure your children are progressing as needed. My son was not required to be tested last year because of his age, however, we decided to test anyways. We went with the CAT from Seton Testing Services. (The CAT is an acceptable test for NC, if you have questions regarding your states requirements, please send me a message & I will try to help you) I have nothing but good to say about the company! The test was $25 and it was shipped almost immediately. After testing, you are to return the materials and your test will be scored. I spoke to someone on the phone 2 different times with questions and both times was very pleased with service. A very nice and friendly person answered both times & you do not have to go through a bunch of automated stuff to get to a human. If you are in need of testing materials, please click here to visit Seton Testing Services website for more information.



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