Fantastic Freebie for 7/30/13

I have something AWESOME for you today!!

Ok, so first off…let me apologize because well, honestly, it’s almost tomorrow. I’m a little late! It’s been a long day of school work, extra kid pickup, babysitting, park trip, fixing dinner, sports physical for Luigi, baths for everyone….and so on. Anyways, I’m finally getting around to the Freebie of the Dayyyyyyyy! (sung in an awesome opera voice…be glad you’re not here)

Cassie over at 3dinosaurs is the QUEEN of printables. Seriously. Today I’m setting you up with her link to ALL of her Dolch sight word lists ALONG with ALL the worksheets that go with each list! Awesome. I told you!

Something of this scale took a LOT of time to make. Please be kind and show Cassie some appreciation for all of her hard work!!


Whatcha thinkin'??

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