Notebooking…my version

One thing I have found useful in homeschooling is notebooking. There are lots of different variations of how people choose to do their notebooks, you just have to find what works best for you. This post I’m going to show how our spelling word notebooks are set up.

4  Simple, colored, 3 ring notebook. Now, when I show you the inside, you’re going to think “Gee whiz, that’s a lot of writing.” But if you think about how much paper and ink I would go through just to put this together…it’s worth it, in my opinion. I also will NOT be doing all the writing inside of it for the entire year. I’m going to do a few weeks and hopefully it won’t take a whole lot of time for my son to do it the way I want.

2 The first page is for writing each word 3 times each. (I took the pic before I had added some lines, just to keep it neat) I also have a place at the bottom to pick a word from the list and write it in a sentence. This is something new I’ve thought about trying this year.

3 The second page is writing each word in the first column, then putting them in ABC order in the second column. There is also a place on this page for a word from the list to be written in a sentence.

2 On the third page, I’ve put in another 3 times each sheet, along with a written sentence at the bottom.

1 Fourth page, test. Last year I did this on a separate piece of paper and ended up stapling it into the notebook. Pretty dumb looking back. After the test I had my son write the ones he missed 10 times. If needed, we retested on Friday. Slave driver, I know. About 3 months into this last year, I noticed a BIG difference in his spelling and his writing. He has always loved to write and make up stories. And I was his spell checker! Now there is not a whole lot that I have to help him spell when he’s writing or looking up things on the computer. His reading is off the charts!

I know that everyone has their own ideas and own opinions, this is just how we do. I would love to hear how you use notebooks! My main concerns with my children being as young as they are, is READING. If you can read, you can learn ANYTHING! My hope is to raise well read, well spoken and well written men!

I have done a lot of research trying to find a list of spelling words that I felt confident in using. So far, this is the best list I’ve come up with. It seems to be more challenging than others I’ve found. You can find it (plus LOTS of other stuff) here:


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