If I could ask for anything…

I can’t even BEGIN to express how full of love my heart is tonight. Our day could not have been any better. If you have kids, you know there is always a 50/50 chance your day can go sour reallllll quick. Am I right?! My youngest is definitely the hardest to get along with sometimes. If we never left our home, he would happy as can be. He is always content on being here. Which is a good thing…but it is nice to get out and it not be a big deal.

Our weather forecast has not been looking real desirable for the next few days. (and we were actually prepared for the rain to start today) So we decided to take the boys bowling. Of course the first thing out of Toad’s mouth is “I don’t want to go.” Really? We’ve been home ALL week with the exception of a park trip, and you’re telling me you don’t want to leave? My options are to stay home, (no fun) or go & take the chance of a meltdown (also no fun). We decided it was worth the risk, and I’m so glad! We told Toad to take along his DS and if he didn’t want to bowl he didn’t have to. He did, however, have to be good, no whining and act like he had some sense. We also said today we were just going bowling…no putt putting, no large amounts of candy, no video games, etc. and when we finished we would find some food.

Off we go towards the bowling alley…which is about 30 minutes away. Nice car ride, no fussing, no arguing. Bowling went great. Everyone had fun, cheered each other on…a real honest good time with my boys. {Also during the summer months, this particular bowling alley has “Bowl Free” cards at local businesses…not only was this trip fun, it was free! *except for shoe rental*} The boys asked for a drink so we did get us all a drink. All 3 boys at the concession stand waiting on slushies and I hear the dreaded question: “MOM! They have M&Ms! Can we get some?” I gathered myself and braced for what was to come…and I responded, “Remember what I said? We’re going to get us some dinner afterwards so you don’t need candy.” And to which my 4 year old responded with….”Yes ma’am. I remember.” The look on the man’s face behind the counter is something that I won’t soon forget. He has seen my child before. He KNOWS how things go and he’s a parent too.

Things are now going almost too good to be true. As we were loading up the van, I felt something that I don’t always feel when we try to do something like this…I was having FUN. I was enjoying the fact that nobody was arguing, whining, begging or crying! And it felt SO good! {I don’t want you to think that I have horrible children either. It’s really quite the opposite. Sometimes though 12, 6 and 4 year old personalities clash and it usually happens when all 3 want to do different things.} We get to the pizza place (definitely something everyone agrees on and also pretty reasonably priced) & order food. I asked what the kids wanted to drink. Mario speaks right up and says “I just had a Cheerwine slushie, I’ll just have water.” The other 2 are ok with this also. So by now I’m wondering where my real children are. (joking…sort of.) We’ve really cut down most sodas in our house and eating at a restaurant is when my kids take advantage of having one.

Dinner went so well that we took them across the street for fro-yo. I’m the queen of not carrying a pocket book. If I just grab my wallet, that’s usually a win in my favor. I had about 6 different cards with punches out to add up for free cups of fro-yo. Turns out I had enough for 3 free cups! Score one for me! (actually I think i’m way ahead by now) So lets just recap real quick. We, as a family of 5, went bowling, had pizza and ice cream and it costed us a grand total of: $30. Yes, 30 bucks. PLUS my kids acted like…PEOPLE! That’s about worth their weight in gold! The car ride home went off just as easily.

At home the clouds were gone and we spent a gorgeous evening outside playing together. Complete with the dog, cat and chicken that likes to follow us around now. I realize this is a real long post…and if you’re still with me, I really appreciate it. I write this because I’m a mom, and I know sometimes as a mom you can feel like you are on the verge of going completely insane. I write this because I’m a wife to a husband who sometimes doesn’t have a CLUE. I write this because I want you to know that no matter what is going on in your life, how tired you are or how run down you feel, there is a silver lining. That day will come when the stars just seem to line up & you will feel in perfect harmony with your surroundings. Tomorrow…well it may be a total disaster. The kids may fight, the husband may sleep too late…but today…today was perfect.




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