Kindergarten Sight Word Packet

I have uploaded a Sight Word Packet geared for Kindergarten age children to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. I have taken 30 Dolch Sight Words and made different activities for learning those words. They are broken down into 3 words per lesson. The idea would be to learn 3 words per week for a total of 10 weeks.

w (click on picture for larger image)

The first page is a cut/paste with lines to practice writing the words.

The second page is used to recognize the word, count and then fill in a simple graph.

The third page can be used for various things. You could laminate it (or use a sheet protector) and let your child use Play Doh, Wikki Stix, buttons, pipe cleaners, etc, to make the word. They could also color it, use markers, glue beads or any other small items to make their words.

I hope this is something that would be beneficial for people to use. I do NOT know though unless I get some feedback! This is my guinea pig run to see how well something like this goes over. I welcome ALL feedback! I do ask that you be respectful in your comments! Thanks!

Download Sight Word Packet-Kindergarten HERE:


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