A confession…and some freebies!

I’m a terrible blogger. I’m a terrible friend. Sometimes, I’m even a terrible family member. But there is one thing I’m not terrible at…and that is being a homeschooling mother. My house can be dirty and the laundry piled high, but we are going to do school work. And we’re going to do it right and thoroughly. That comes first. The blog, Facebook, everything else…can wait. I’m taking the time to enjoy my children and making the most of each day with them.

So what makes today different? Well, my kids got up before the chickens this morning. Literally. Rootie had not even moved from his roost to let us all know that him & the girls were up & ready for food. We ate breakfast and were working before 730 this morning. I’m not babysitting today or picking up anybody from preschool, so now, the boys have turned my living room into one huge fort and here I am.

I sure hope you stick with me, and continue to share my blog with friends & family. This is how it is going to be though. I am still going to post, but, it may be more longer posts less often instead of frequent posts.  I still want you guys to message me when you’re looking for different things that I could help with! I like knowing that somebody is using what I post!!

So with that being said, I got some great stuff for you today that has been posted earlier this week! Enjoy!


One thought on “A confession…and some freebies!

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