About Me

My name is Jacqueline and I am the voice of reason in my crazy house. Sometimes. And sometimes, I’m the crazy in my crazy house 😉

I am wife to Phillip and a mom of 3 boys

537544_10151024059741979_88010573_n    Mario age 6

100_0360  Luigi age 12

100_0588  Toad age 4

My main passion is Homeschooling. I am a Food Network JUNKIE. I love the Beach. Photography. New Babies. Coupons. Free stuff in the mail. MY CHICKENS! Good books. I’m really easily entertained if you hadn’t noticed!

Pinterest in my obsession.  Follow me if you will! Beware…I’m getting ready to do a Pinterest OVERHAUL. Please excuse my mess!  http://pinterest.com/jaxmoose

And this blog is going to have it ALL! Homeschooling info, recipes, photos…you name it!

I’m getting ready to start our 2nd year of homeschooling and I’ve really become interested in making my own worksheets for my kids. I’m ready to put them out there for other people to use as well. It’s going to take a little while to get everything organized and just the way I want!  All suggestions, comments and questions are welcome! (no fighting, calling names, being rude, bad words etc etc…The Sandbox is a laid back place for FUN!)

Please while you’re here…check out some of my links to other sites I’ve posted and show them some love!


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