Educational Links  < added 9/11/13 < added 9/11/13  <—added 8/30/13  This site has about ANYTHING you could possibly want!! <—added 8/30/13 some free materials…others require paid subscription <—added 8/30/13   <—added 8/30/13  requires paid subscription some free stuff…some requires membership. I highly recommend the Jumpstart computer games. My kids love them. If you are local (and possibly even if not) Ollies had these for $4.99.

Please check back regularly for an updated list!


Educational Links

Happy Saturday night! WoooO!

I don’t know about you guys, but these days my Saturday nights are pretty boring. And I LOVE IT! Seriously! I’ve cleaned, done laundry, worked on getting Lukas’ Spelling Word Notebook in order. (Upcoming post about this, stay tuned!) My boys are back home after a night away at Mawmaw’s house so my house is filled with giggles, ninja turtles and knock knock jokes that make no sense whatsoever. I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend this far, however you chose to spend it.

When I had a FB group for homeschooling, I had a file with only links to educational websites that we frequently used. I would also like to incorporate that here on the blog. Now, what would have been GREAT is if I would have thought of this BEFORE I deleted my homeschool group. (meaning I could have just copy/pasted and saved a lot of time) So…there will be a new tab added to the blog with a list of sites that, hopefully, you can use! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a comment, message, me, whatever, with sites that you use! I would love to hear from you! Please make sure that it is educational…online activities, games, printables, etc. I will check each link that I have not personally used before adding it to the list.

We’ve really picked up some blog viewers & new Facebook friends this past week! Thanks so much for your support! I have a vision of how I want this to look one day, and with the right support, I know I can get there! If you feel so inclined, please find us on FB and share us with your friends!  Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! ❤