Olympics are here!!

The Olympics are almost ready to begin! And to kick it off, I’ve put together a mini-unit on the Olympics. This book covers the history of the Olympic Rings (along with a part to color), the history of the torch and flame (with a part to color), history behind the medals (coloring also), a map showing where Sochi is located, a Russian flag to color & a place to keep up with USA earned medals. You can use tally marks, stickers, etc. on that part. Nothing too fancy, but has a lot of good information in it! Let me know what you think!!



Two months later….

Wow! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! I hope your whole holiday season was a fantastic one! Ours was wonderful!

I’ve had a blogging break. *Obviously* Things got super hectic around my house! I won’t bore you with details, just the good news…I’m back! Wooooot! My WISH is to post daily, the reality is going to be more like weekly. Hopefully, multi-weekly. (I don’t even think that’s a word…)

Anyways, the point is, I’m going to really work on my scheduling, dust the cobwebs off the blog & get back with it. It was really starting to take off when I bummed out. I just had too much on my plate & this was the first thing to let go of.

I will post more links to free printables, Pinterest & other things directly on FACEBOOK! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE like my blog on FB so you can see things as I post instead of in one long blog post each week!

Looking for something in particular? Send me a message, I’ll see what I can find! Any comments or questions are always welcome! (No haters, please…I have enough of those) 😉

Giving Thanks…

What are you thankful for? I’ve seen lots of people doing the 30 days of thankful on Facebook. I, personally, have not. I did last year. And it was a real eye opener. There was something that happened last year that really changed my life & my outlook on life. My 5 year old drew a house. He actually drew houses every day. He is not real artistic and sometimes I thought he drew them because it was the only thing he could draw & you could recognize what it was. Anyways, I had asked him what he was thankful for and he drew a house. Surprise. I asked why he drew that house. He said, ” You asked what I’m thankful for, and this is it, my home. I love my bed. I love my bedroom. All my toys are here. You and daddy & my brothers are here. It’s warm. You make good food here. Why do you think I draw houses all the time?” And he walked away. Silly me. I looked at my house and saw holes in the wall where the people who lived here before us must have hung every.single.picture/wall hanging/whatever they had into the wall. I saw cabinets that needed replacing, carpet that should have been pulled up years ago. Then I thought about it more. Our house is big enough for us all, all of our stuff, it is warm when it needs to be a cool when it should be…so what if it needs a little work? Unless your house is brand new, it probably could use some work. 

I quit thinking about what I “needed”. And I use quotes because it wasn’t really what I needed at all. I made a promise to myself to look for the good. Focus on what we HAVE. It really is ENOUGH. And to do it DAILY. I made amends with some relationships in my life that needed work. I started spending QUALITY time with my kids. We are together 24/7. I have to beg them to stay with their grandmother for a night. And always feel bad after I do it. Sometimes though, our time wasn’t being spent like it could have been. I started making myself aware of my blessings daily, not just at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is next week. Next. Week. As a child, it seemed like forever in between holidays. As an adult…days fly by, months start over in the blink of an eye, and it seems you can’t get through one holiday before the next rolls in. Being a homeschooling family, I feel like we get to enjoy our holidays. We can make crafts, do holiday themed work, watch holiday movies.

I really do feel bad for people who don’t get to enjoy their holidays, for whatever the reason may be. My wish for you this holiday season is that you spend time with the ones you love & ENJOY each other’s company. Be HAPPY!  

And if at all possible…do something good for someone who needs the help. This year our family has “adopted” an angel off of our county’s Angel Tree. A little boy…just 4 years old. I have one of those. So we sat the kids down and explained to them that we were going to buy this little guy some Christmas presents because his family was not able to do it for him. I expected a lot of whys.

Why can’t his family? Why don’t they have money? Why does he not have any toys?

But you know what I got? “He can have my ninja turtle, I can earn money for more. He can have the money I earn each month. Can we go buy him something? What does he need?”

From a 6 and a 4 year old. A child can be so willing to give…and if you nurture that as a child, they will want to help as an adult. {I hope!} I’ve turned into the queen of online shopping and deals. There are very few things I buy in store for holidays & birthdays. There are AWESOME coupon bloggers out there who post all kinds of great shopping deals. I hit some sales, done some online shopping…and spent a total of $15.35 shipped to my front door, on toys for this little boy that was regularly priced $69.99. Socks on clearance, nice clothes that was on sale and shipped for free. These little things are going to make this little boy’s Christmas. A child who wasn’t going to get anything! Looking around at your children, do you fully grasp that?!  I pray that you, reader, are never in that situation. I hope your kids have never gone without on Christmas, I hope that your family has never had to go hungry, or been cold at night. If you have been, I hope that someone extended a hand and helped you. No one person can help everybody, no one expects you to. But, if you can help, please do. Go in with another family & take an angel together if you want! Anything you could do to help, you have no idea how much it will mean to someone.


If you are local to me and would like more information on adopting an Angel, please contact me. 


“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.”







Bats, Spiders, Pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, & MORE!

I hope you guys are having a great week!  Halloween is upon us before long, it will be a new year. Time sure does fly. {I’m approaching…30…sigh} Make sure you’re following along with me on FACEBOOK. I post store deals and coupons on there that I don’t always blog about. I’m also going to start sharing Black Friday ads when they become available & hopefully lots & lots of awesome Christmas deals! Share me with your friends! As always…I love some feedback! Looking for something?! Send me a message and let me help!  Have fun and be safe this Halloween!

Here’s a list of some good stuff floating around the web this week!

Free bat and spider printable pack at 3 Dinosaurs

Free magnetic alphabet build-a-word mats at This Reading Mama

Free My Pumpkin Emergent Reader Book

The Pilgrims at Plymouth Writing Practice

Free ancient history notebooking and activity pages

HUGE list of Thanksgiving printables, crafts & activities!

Free 2014 Blog Planner from My Joy Filled Life for subscribers!

Fall themed bar graph practice math worksheets

Free pumpkin life cycle writing printables

Free owl tot pack printables 

A-Z Do-a-Dot Marker printables

Free Hanukkah calendar cards

Free 40 page Thanksgiving Lapbook (save $24.99!)

Free Colors Coloring Book

Toddler/Pre-K Pinning Party!

I admit it. I’m a linky party junky. This is where bloggers come together and let you add links their site about whatever topic they choose for that particular “party”. It gets exposure to your blog, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, etc. It’s a great way to get traffic to your site! Plus, it is a great place to find TONS of things, ALL.IN.ONE.PLACE! Super easy!

Today The Chaos & The Clutter is hosting a Toddler and Preschool Party! You can find links to snacks, games, activities, and so on and so on! Come on over and check out all the great links!


I added my Shape Counting And Coloring, Shape Sorting Cut/Paste and Number Flash Cards 1-20 Farm Theme!

A little Facebook “How To” :)

If you’ve been on Facebook longer than a few days, you can probably already figure out that just because you like a page or add a friend, it doesn’t mean you see everything they post. So I’m going to try to explain this as best I can. PLEASE share this with your friends!

So you’ve liked my blog on Facebook (you have right?!) but you’ve realized that you are missing some posts. Here’s what you do:


Hover your mouse over the page name that you have “liked”. It will bring up a menu. Click “show in news feed” and a check mark will come up. This means when I post to Facebook, you will see it in your news feed. IF you want to go one step further, click “get notifications” as well. That will send you a notification when I post to Facebook.

download (2)



One more tutorial here. So you’re friends with people but somehow miss important posts. Well you are more than likely only seeing what FACEBOOK deems important. Here’s how to fix it:

Hover over your friend’s name. It will bring up a menu. Click “show in news feed” to see their posts in your feed. Then click settings. It will bring up a second menu. From there, you can click “all updates”, or less if it’s someone you don’t really want to see their 45th profile picture change of the day! (YES, I went there!) And at the bottom you can add or remove certain types of posts that they post. Hopefully this helps you to start seeing more of what you want to see and less of what you don’t! 😉

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A new milestone!

First off…THANKS!! The blog is about to reach a HUGE milestone! 1,000 views!! And we also have over 120 followers on Facebook! That is AWESOME! Thanks to everyone who has shared my blog page with others! Thanks to those who have visited regularly, signed up for email updates and follow along on Facebook!! If there is ever anything you are looking for, recipes, homeschooling printables, worksheets, unit studies…ANYTHING, send me a message & we’ll see what we can find! And please continue to share my blog!!! Hope everyone has a great day…it sure is beautiful here in Western North Carolina! MUCH love!

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